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The spitfire forge offers these types of welding and cutting. Mild steel arc welding,

stainless steel arc welding, fire welding, mig welding, oxy propane cutting.


General fabrication

The spitfire forge offers general mild steel onsite fabrication. For example new

gate and fence construction and fitting.  General resizing of existing gates and

fences. Construction of cctv camera guards, tree guards, hand rails, balcony’s

and satire cases and much more


Iron work

The spitfire forge offers any type of forge work. We can do so much for you

from sharpening kitchen knifes, re-handling gardening tools reprinting iron

bars, making gates, fences, seats tree seats, arches. Garden features and

artistic work and sculpture work.

Copper work

Soldering repair work and strengthening and repousse art work.


Exotic metals

Wrought iron, Damascus steel, titanium, copper work.


Estate fencing and gates

Traditional estate fencing. Round top bar and flat spacing bars. Any size traditional gates. All made to your requirements.

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