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The spitfire forge is pleased to offer this unique opportunity for you to experience traditional blacksmithing with the young and exceptionally talented blacksmith William Murgatroyd.


William qualified as a blacksmith after attending Kingston Maurward College. And has rapidly developed his reputation as a true professional in his field with many commissions in both ornamental and practical blacksmithing. He has developed his workshop to give him the capacity to teach up to classes of 3 students at a time.


1. The day starts at 9am with a cup of tea/coffee and a health and safety briefing.


2. You will then be issued with PPE please wear old cloths, heavy shoes, walking boots. And no fleeces or nylon or polyester clothing as they tent to melt near heat.


3. Time to get started with your project. Which you can chose from a range of ideas tailored to your ability and design.


4. Cut and prep the materials and it’s time to start forging. William will demonstrate the method used to carry out each part of the operation and then off you go.


5. At the end of the day the work is yours to take away.


Included in the day is tea and coffee, cold drinks are available all day. A reception area is available for you to have lunch in. We supply all materials, tools and PPE equipment.


Prices start at £150.00/ day discount3d for two and further for groups of 3. Gift vouchers are available on request £50, £100 towards the course or £150 for the day.


Advanced courses are available for further learning, please feel free to descuss your requirements.


‘Get involved’ courses if you commission a larger or more complicated piece of work you can come and do some work on it.


William also offer tuition on all aspects of MIG/ ARC welding.


These must be used within 12 months of the purchase date


For all enquiries please contact William on 07425804069 or email


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