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About Us

                             William started his Carrier at Kingston                                                     maurward collage taught by Simon grant jones and
                   Brian hill. He started level 1 forge work and welding.
                Then proceed to do level 2 and start the spitfire forge
            with the help of his father graham while part time at
        collage. The business has gone from strength to strength
    always pushing for quality iron work and high standard of
finish to give longevity to everything we make.

                          This is Howard the Dragon

                         Howard was commissioned in 2014 the customer specifically                        said it needed to look at home in its surrounding and wanted to                  be it had to be something nobody else had. The setting that                           Howard lives in is a beautiful private Japanese garden. After the                    preliminary drawings And prototypes Howard was born. With a

       head a total of 1.2m long and 1m wide, Striking colour and

   flickering Tonge, With aggressive pointed horns and terrifying

teeth he was very successful in scaring the owners dogs!


This is Molly the Shoeland Pony

Molly was commissioned in 2015

She is modelled on a Shetland pony on the isle of white.

Featuring in the happy pony story’s by Gail yardley.

Every shoe that made molly was forged to shape

and every nail to make the mane was hand

forged. Finished in a clear lacquer to keep

the natural effect of the shoes. Molly

lives very happily with her real twin!



                         This is a balcony that had to

                   fitted to a house in Dorset.

            The challenge was that it couldn’t

       be fixed to the walking surface as the

   customers didn’t want to compromise

 the water proof integrity of the fiber glass.

So I made brackets that could be fixed to

 the sides of the building it self. To support

   the structure the whole way round.

     The design proses was very easy to get

         ideas from the customers made the

                designing a great pleasure.

                      And constructing the project

                               was fantastic fun!


Glass top dining table set 

This one is a bit of a quirky. The

customers in this case had some very

very old slaughterhouse grates from a

building they converted. And didn’t

know what to do with them. They

wanted to make them a feature of the

house, so I suggested make a bench

using these panels. Ideas came and

went until the customers settled on a

dining set for their patio. The style had

to be traditional and practical (comfy)

this design I did had both aspects and

was agreed it would be the best thing to

do. This dining set was a very

interesting and challenging project.

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